The Advanced Heat Transfer and Surface Technologies Laboratory features a thermal spray shop that has been designed to include equipment that are currently in use in industry. This will increase the commercialization potential of our research results and provide high-calibre, practical training to our research assistants and associates.

3MBM plasma 1

Oerlikon Metco 3MBM Plasma Spray Torch

A 40-kW plasma spray torch, complete with powder feed system and flow controls.

6P-II flame 1

Oerlikon Metco 6P-II Flame Spray Torch

Oxy-acetylene flame spray torch.

Supersonic Spray 1

Supersonic Spray Technology Cold Spray Nozzle

Low-pressure (150 psig) solid-state deposition system for metals, alloys, and metal matrix composite powder blends.

Spray hood 1

Spray Hood with Headstock and Turntable

Spray hood for substrate mounting and particle and combustion gas collection.

Motoman 1

Motoman Fixed Robot

This is a 20-kg payload robot with 6-degrees of freedom.

Trinco 1

Trinco Grit-blaster

WS Tyler 1

WS Tyler Powder Siever